Best budget waterproof camera is very popular for those price-conscious people. These cameras have price around $50 and come from less popular camera manufacturer. But don’t worry, they still have advanced specification and sometime have more complete features than camera from popular brand.

Most of the best budget waterproof camera have graphic resolution above 5 MP (megapixels), underwater capability until 10 feet, but unfortunately don’t have optical zoom.  This budget camera is perfect entry level for you to take photograph in water environment such as in the beach, in the pool, swimming pools, water park or just for everyday use.

Best Budget Waterproof Camera Comparison

We’ve listed top 3 – best budget waterproof camera in comparison matrix. You can compare all of them and choose the best for you. For promo pricing, reviews and rating you can click camera brand & name or their pictures below. If you want to check the best seller waterproof camera pleease the best sellers of waterproof camera in Amazon here.

Coleman Xtreme II C12WP-Y with Flash  SVP Aqua 5500  Bell+Howell Splash WP7 
Aqua 5500 ( Blue ) 18 MP Dual Screen...  Best Budget Waterproof Camera
Resolution (MP) 16 18 12
Zoom digital 4 x with Flash 4 x 8 x
Weight (Ounces) 6.4 4
Max Depth (feet) 33 10 10
LCD Display (inches) 2.5″ Dual Screen – Front 1.8″ & Rear 2.7″
Battery 2 x AAA AAA AAA
Rating 3.4 3.1 3.0




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Have you find the best waterproof camera that meet your needs? For more complete comparison you can read or review and comparison about  waterproof camera between 100-200 Dolar , camera around $200 – 300 or if you want a waterporoof camera with more advanced specification please read comparison of waterproof camera around 300 Dolar. Have a nice shop before traveling !