Disposable waterproof camera is a single lense camera which sold including a roll of film installed. This is a single use underwater camera which will help your outdoor traveling documentation. Especially when you don’t remind to bring your traditional digital camera or you are not sure your existing camera will be survive in your outdoor or water situation. So, disposable waterproof camera is a nice to have traveling gear in rugged environment. Since it is a cheap camera, no more than $10.

We now that today you can buy a cheap waterproof camera under $100 and even under $50 with nice quality. But sometimes you don’t want to spend more money to buy it. So, the disposable waterproof camera is a great solution for you

Disposable Waterproof Camera Comparison

Below we’ve listed the top 3 best disposable waterproof camera around $10 in comparison matrix. You can compare all of them and choose the best for you. For rating, review and promo pricing you can click bike brand & name or their pictures below. But, if you did not find the best you to check the best sellers of disposable waterproof camera.

  Fujifilm Quick Snap  Kodak Sport  Ilford XP2 Super with Flash 
disposable waterproof camera disposable waterproof camera
Underwater Depth (ft) 17 50 32
Film Speed ASA 800 ASA 800 ASA 800
Film Format 35 mm 35 mm 35 mm
Exposure 27 27 27
Dimension (inches) 5.8 x 5 x 2.2 5.2 x 4.6 x 2.1 6 x 4 x 3
Weight (ounces) 7.2 5.6 8.0
Rating 3.2 3.4 4.4




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Have you find the best disposable waterproof camera? If you want to find another cheap option for your outdoor traveling, you can use waterproof camera housing to protect your existing digital camera or try to find a budget waterproof camera or small waterproof camera .