Best kids underwater camera is perfect camera for kids when he or she loves to take picture on his or her water or outdoor adventures. Before you buy it for them you should to know what is the criteria of the best waterproof camera for kids.

There three criteria to chhose the best waterproof camera for kids . First of all, this camera should small and also compact enough for your kid’s hand. So they can easily to use it and make a perfect picture. Second it have a wrist strap to attached kids hand to prevent slip off in the water. Then finally this waterproof camera must have a nice and cute design and color. So your kids will happy and save to bring and use their best kids underwater camera.

Best Kids Underwater Camera Comparison

Below we’ve listed Top 3 Best Kids Underwater Camera  in comparison matrix. You can compare them using our criteria and choose the best for your needs and budgets. For promo pricing, reviews and customer rating you can click their brand & name or pictures.  Click here for the best sellers of waterproof camera.

Coleman Mini Xtreme C3WP  SVP Aqua 5500  Bell+Howell Splash WP7 
kids underwater camera Aqua 5500 ( Blue ) 18 MP Dual Screen... kids underwater camera
Resolution (MP) 12 18 12
Zoom digital 1 x 4 x 8 x
Weight (Ounces) 6.4 4
Max Depth (feet) 33 10 10
LCD Display (inches) 2.7″ Dual Screen – Front 1.8″ & Rear 2.7″ 2.4″
Rating 2.7 3.1 3.0




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Have you find the best kids underwater camera that meet your needs and budgets? We recommend you to choose Coleman Mini Xtreme C3WP since  it’s the cheapest one and this camera also have the deepest capability (33 feet) in underwater.It’s perfect camera for kids!

If you need an alternative for the best kids underwater camera, try to look after best dual screen waterproof camera for best selfie moments.