best waterproof camera review criterias

Find the best waterproof camera that meets your needs is one small step to opens a whole world of new photography opportunities. Whether you only want to documented your family vacations, have a good time in a beach or pool with your friends or just simply need a camera that will be safe in rain. A waterproof camera is a worthy purchase. You need to research well to find the best waterproof camera before you buy, because there are numerous brands and models out there with large price range.

Best Waterproof Camera Criterias

There are many waterproof camera specifications that you need to watch and compare with others. Below, we’ve listed  best waterproof camera criterias that you can use to review and compare to find camera that meets your needs.

Image Quality

People buy waterproof cameras to used in and out of water, so it’s important to make sure the photos will look good no matter where you take them. Please make sure you have plenty of settings you can adjust to take high-quality photos. Look for high megapixel resolution, video quality, large optical zoom, digital zoom, type of image sensor, lighting choices etc.

Size and Design

The best waterproof camera should be compact  and easy to handle. Usually waterproof cameras tend to bulkier than non-waterproof digital cameras because their shockproof and resistant to dust, water and extreme temperatures need specification to add. Since waterproof cameras are meant to be used when you are on outdoor trips , meaning these cams should be handy and  fits into your pocket or in a pouch that can be attached to your waistband.

Battery Life and Memory

Many waterproof camera today come with a lithium-ion rechargeable battery. Using lithium-ion (Li-on) battery makes your traveling easier than using battery AA Alkaline. Please read advantages of Lithium- ion battery here. You also have to look for cameras that have a reasonable internal memory just in case you forget to bring or  insert a memory card.


Before you going in for the best waterproof camera, you have to know that waterproof camera have a long range price. Some cameras are cheap and serve the basic purpose of underwater photography, you can read comparison of the best cheap waterproof camera here , while others more expensive, but have useful features and add-ons such as GPS, Wifi, large optical zoom etc.

Will you need to find the best waterproof camera soon? Please use that best waterproof camera criterias above and read waterproof digital camera comparison given there and choose one that meet your needs and budget. You can buy the best, bestbuy, affordable or cheap waterproof camera that meet your budget and  your needs.