underwater cameraGoing outdoor adventure no matter what the environmental situation will push you to consider picking up a camera that can get wet and keep shooting. Yes, you will need a rugged camera to document your rugged adventure that is waterproof or underwater camera.

Underwater camera made to withstand liquid submersion, heat and cold, sand and dirt, knocks and drops. These cameras are not only lightweight but compact, so they can be used both under water and above.

Waterproof camera are the perfect vacation companion especially for you underwater photography lover. You can use it in a pool, lake, ocean or rainstorm without worrying about your camera dropping in the water or falling on sand and getting damaged.  These cameras are shockproof, designed to operate in very humid place and resistant to low temperatures. With these useful devices, you can take picture and video documentation your family scuba diving, cliff jumping, fun with friends in the pool and kids playing in the rain and snow.

This camera can help you capture memories you would otherwise have been unable to capture. Without waterproof camera you may choose to leave your camera at home for fear of getting it wet when you spend a day lounging on the beach or snorkeling at an exotic locale.

Type of Underwater Camera

Actually, there are two different underwater camera that you can choose :

Compact – Having compact waterproof camera are worthier than buying a waterproof case for your current camera. With this camera you can take pictures anywhere wet, whether at the beach, by a waterfall, or just out on a rainy day. Most compact waterproof cameras cost between $200 and $300, although there are cheaper models available for less than USD150,

Deep Underwater – This camera can be used deep underwater and usually have capability to take picture down to depths of more than 10 meter. So this camera is perfect camera for diving or snorkeling.

We all have our personal preferences on what makes the best underwater camera to go vacation for diving, snorkeling, cliff jumping or even take picture on beach, pool or, but in an extreme situation you want the best as possible.  Please read our reviews about compact waterproof camera start from low specification under $50 to advance specification above $300.